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Next Steps for the Mental Health (Literacy) Library

The site you now see is about to change. A new site is being professionally developed so that can be more than just Mental Health Literacy.

The New Look

We are taking this site to new levels with easier comparison tools, user friendly navigation and greater capacity for updates and data collection to aid in the study of efficacy.

The Expansion

The new site will house not just one, but four separate Mental Health Educational categories. In addition to Mental Health Literacy, there will be room for Social Emotional Learning programs, Suicide Prevention and Substance Use programs - all geared toward school-based delivery to students as curricula or event programs.

The Need

While we've come so far, this has only been the beginning of our vision at Chad's Legacy Project. Once the new site is built, much more work will be done to search and vet programs to be listed on this site to complete the library. Then we will need to ensure sustainability by staffing an administrator for site upkeep, data collection and further growth of library inventory. That will take new funding. If you can help, please let us know!

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The Phases

Phase One: Initial work with the University of Washington SMART Center to search and vet Mental Health Literacy programs, build initial BETA website. Publish and promote new resource to school stakeholders.

Completed August 2021.

Phase Two: Contract with a site developer and construct a new, professionally designed website to include user-friendly comparison and search capability. Add capacity to include Social Emotional Learning, Suicide Prevention and Substance Use programs and curricula. Currently in Process.

Phase Three: Begin new search and vetting work for additions within the three new categories to create a comprehensive recourse for a broad spectrum of Mental Health Education. Pending the new site build and procurement of funding support.

Phase Four: Ongoing maintenance of listings and to ensure up to date information. Aid programs in data collection regarding curricula use and efficacy. Pending completion of Phase Three and and procurement of funding support.

Thank you to our supporters

These generous donors provided needed funds to begin the process of website creation and completing Phase I and II:

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