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About Mental Health Instruction

Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis and Eliminating Mental Illness Stigma for a Generation

Mental Health education works. Studies show that including a well-developed and implemented Mental Health curriculum in educational programming leads to decreased stigma and a stronger mental health knowledge base. In turn, this leads to robust peer support among youth, decreased delays to care, improved student productivity, and more effective interventions for students at risk of suicide (Kutcher et al, 2016).

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Social and Emotional Learning, Substance Use and Suicide Prevention are categories under development. We intend to add those to the current and expanding Mental Health Literacy listings as soon as possible. 

To realize the full potential of this vision, we need your help in completing these categories by sponsoring the next phase of work in adding new curricula. Visit the Support MHI page and help in funding the next phase of work. Or, if you are a program developer, contact us to submit your program.

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Program Curation

Rigorously vetted curricula and presentations for healthier, happier, and more emotionally intelligent students

Program developers not already listed are encouraged to contact us to begin the submittal process.

If you represent an organization that would like to be considered for inclusion in this Mental Health Literacy library, please go to the Contact page, send us a brief description of your curriculum or program and we will reach out to you and help coordinate your submission.

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The development of this site is Phase Two in a four phase endeavor to bring Mental Health Education into schools across the country. Now, Phase Three re-engages the University of Washington SMART Center educational experts to help Chad’s Legacy Project expand the original library of Mental Health Literacy to also include Social Emotional Learning, Substance Use and Suicide prevention programs.

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