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Welcome to the Mental Health Literacy Library
for teachers and school staff in U.S. Middle, Jr. and High Schools

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A joint venture of Chad's Legacy Project and the University of Washington SMART Center

This library was created as a resource for schools that wish to support their student body in mental health awareness. Information included for curricula and programs listed in this resource were provided by associated curriculum and program developer partners. That information was collected and reviewed by the SMART Center for library inclusion. As more submissions are made and vetted, watch for additions to the library.

The Vision

  • That all youth are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and resources in Mental Health.

  • To realize the rapid reduction and eventual elimination of Stigma, a reduction of suicide ideation and a speedier track to seeking care.

  • To enable a future where every struggling youth is surrounded by peers equipped with a supportive and effective knowledge base. 

The Mission

Providing schools with quick reference resources to choose reviewed and rated curricula and school programs related to mental health education. Offering implementation plans specific to each listing in aiding smooth, clear execution of curricula and program choices. To ultimately grow the scope of the library to include all mental health resources, including Social Emotional Learning for early grades, Substance Use Disorder education and comprehensive Suicide Prevention programs.

This library offers a listing of curricula and programs available for use in schools, supported by two important facets.

1) Each listing is compared to the current learning standards for Social Emotional Health, as described by Washington State's Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. You will find a rubric associated with each listing to indicate which learning standards are met, as well as where in the curriculum those standards are met. This component was reviewed by the University of Washington SMART Center. Listings are compiled on this site so that you can easily assess which listings meet your individual school populations needs.

2) Each listing also includes a collection of existing best practices for implementation. All programs listed have already been implemented in schools and those successful implementations are gathered here for duplication.

The Process

This library focuses on school setting learning delivery to students in the United States from grades 8 through 12, with the intent of providing the most comprehensive teaching tools available in Youth Mental Health education. Guideline definitions for Mental Health Literacy and this ongoing effort include:

  • Understanding how to foster and maintain good mental health

  • Understanding mental disorders and their treatments

  • Decreasing Stigma

  • Understanding how to seek help effectively for self and others will undergo continuous efforts to ensure current information and up to date programs. As mentioned in the mission statement above, it is the intent for this site to also house SEL programs, dedicated Suicide Prevention programs and available instruction programs for Substance Use disorders in the future.


Chad's Legacy Project and the University of Washington SMART Center do not endorse any particular curriculum or presentation, but lists these resources after program input and vetting for inclusion in this library.


If you represent an organization that would like to be considered for inclusion in this Mental Health Literacy library, please go to the Contact page, send us a brief description of your curriculum or program and we will reach out to you and help coordinate your submission. Please note, we are solely focused on Mental Health Literacy at this time and your curriculum or program must be applicable to at least three of the four MHL criteria above for possible inclusion and availability for U.S. schools.

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