Pathways to Empower; Brain-Based Mental Health Literacy

Pathways to Empower is a student workbook designed to teach brain-based mental health literacy education in an engaging and accessible way.

The workbook includes four core modules:

  • Neuroscience 101 introduces the developmental stages of the brain and different systems.
  • The Resilient Mindset Model explains how our brains naturally respond to challenges so we can use challenges as opportunities to build resilience.
  • Brain-Based Relationships applies the science and strategies learned in the first two modules to our interactions with others.
  • Mental Health Literacy covers the four goals of mental health literacy through the lens of neuroscience.

MODALITY: curriculum

Program Components
  • Decreasing stigma
  • Understanding how to foster and maintain positive mental health
  • Understanding how to seek help effectively
  • Understanding mental health disorders and their treatments
Program Standards
  • Advocate for reducing stigma associated with emotional and mental and behavioral health
  • Describe how self-harm or suicide impacts other people
  • Describe laws related to minors accessing mental health care
  • Identify school and community resources that can help a person with emotional, mental and behavioral health concerns